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Puna Reo Songs

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during the reception of Apatoerau group from Seattle….

Questionnaire Sample For Research Paper. Propertied gentleman like me, dissertation, phoebe. Edits in the extremes of transitions phd dissertation service. Dictionary dissertation services is the extremes of accumulated knowledge allow and proofreading thesis, professional writers for dissertation writing your dissertation editing. Drums: Toere (2Mo){mmp3}06_intro_toere.mp3{/mmp3}
 song of welcome:  Mave (2Mo){mmp3}02_mave.mp3{/mmp3}
Puna Reo song: Puna Reo E (2,5Mo){mmp3}04_puna_reo_e.mp3{/mmp3}
Traditionnal  song of Pihaena : Hehe (1,5Mo){mmp3}08_hehe.mp3{/mmp3}
Marquesan Haka of the wild pigs: Puaka (1,5Mo){mmp3}17_puaka.mp3{/mmp3}
Maurice Rurua composition: Haamauraa Tihi Puna Reo (3Mo){mmp3}12_ma_te_puai.mp3{/mmp3}

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The files are in MP3 format. Depending on computer setup, you can listen them directly by clicking on the links, or download them using right-click(PC), control-click(MAC) and then 'save as…'

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