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Trip to Aotearoa

First objectives: _Discovery of the Maori ways and customs in Aotearoa _Exchange and sharing of our cultures _Experience the life of Maori families in a traditional way _Tourism and leasures _Cultural ,geographical enrichment    Second objecives: _To understand that the aims of the association go together with those aims from the Kohanga Reo of the…

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Present from Sofitel Moorea

  The Puna Reo would like to thank the Director of the Sofitel Moorea Beach Resort,Olivier de Ronseray and Eric for having donated some kitchen items and some clothes to us. Now ,our kids can have their meals in those beautiful plates .They can dry those plates  with big towels!   Thank you again…  

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Electrical Puna Reo !

                                                                                                                                                                                              Thanks to Julien ,after many power cuts  during the ceremonies,the projections or during the courses in computing ,the Puna Reo lastly has a electrical network that is working!!!            Since he came for free to check the network , separated  some areas and installed a nice housing  to replace the old…

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Fiji Dance university

 The Puna Reo got the pleasure to share during a meeting with the  dancing group that represented Fiji at  the universal fair in China.  During this  great moment ,the Puna Reo members shared their knowledge with this group composed of people from different pacific islands .   (see the pictures) 

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General Meeting A tauturu Iana March 2010

The Puna Reo got the pleasure  to welcome the board of the association A Tauturu Iana ,that came together for a general meeting and to have an informal   lunch in the beautiful surroundings of the Puna Reo. The children ,who were attending the workshops of the Puna Reo ,could therefore organise a traditional  ceremony of…

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Visit from Ua Pou

 After the involvement of the Puna Reo in the Arts Festival in Ua Pou in 2007,and with all the friendly ties created,we got the pleasure to welcome a group from Ua Pou with who we could share some songs and some dances .We could,especially  appreciate  some  dances from the Marquisards Islands. A lovely morning of…

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Visit from Rurutu

                                                                                                                                                                                 After the  warm and  marvelous stay  spent  in Rurutu in july 2008 ,the Puna Reo is  very happy to have welcomed  the Moeaveau Association from Rurutu ,that came with 50 of their members .Half of them were kids.                                                 (See the pictures) 

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Lolita Association

Thank you very much to  Johnny from the "Lolita Association "  (that promotes free softwares ,in particular inside schools ). Johnny came from Tahiti to help Puna Reo with the installation of the Linux free system  that is  particularly adapted  to the old computers.He gave the Puna Reo many advices as well .He could appreciate the songs and the toere…

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Polynesian day at school

         On friday 4th December 2009,the Puna Reo helped the Paopao  primary school  for the" polynesian day". Seeing the joy felt by the kids ,these events should be organised more frequently … (See the pictures  )

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