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The banquet of the vice-president

(Voir les photos)Le Vice Président signant le livre d'or

 The vice-President signing the guest book:

During his visit at the Puna Reo,the   vice-president     of the country Jacqui Drollet has appreciated our center and the traditional meal that was offered to him , to his collaborators Dany Panero ,Marie Laure Vanizette ,Marc Fremy and  to all others who were attending the visit.

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Puna Reo Songs

Those are a few songs recorded in July 2006,during the reception of Apatoerau group from Seattle…. Drums: Toere (2Mo){mmp3}06_intro_toere.mp3{/mmp3} song of welcome:  Mave (2Mo){mmp3}02_mave.mp3{/mmp3}Puna Reo song: Puna Reo E (2,5Mo){mmp3}04_puna_reo_e.mp3{/mmp3}Traditionnal  song of Pihaena : Hehe (1,5Mo){mmp3}08_hehe.mp3{/mmp3}Marquesan Haka of the wild pigs: Puaka (1,5Mo){mmp3}17_puaka.mp3{/mmp3}Maurice Rurua composition: Haamauraa Tihi Puna Reo (3Mo){mmp3}12_ma_te_puai.mp3{/mmp3}   The files are in MP3…

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The australian consul at the Puna Reo of Moorea


  The Puna Reo was very happy to receive Mr Derek Montague,the Australian consul for the french territory in the Pacific,that came in the center to attend the launch   of four new computers offered by the consulate of Australia.       


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Puna Reo Presentation

The NGO Puna Reo Piha'e'ina is meant to offer kids a blossoming environment, so they can flourish through  knowledge of Polynesian culture, while being trained with modern techniques. For that, they are developping through cultural activities, being taught musique, chants, dances and legends, as well as computer sciences, photography and multimedia. Projects are plenty, and…

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