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Puna Reo Songs

Those are a few songs recorded in July 2006,
during the reception of Apatoerau group from Seattle….

Drums: Toere (2Mo){mmp3}06_intro_toere.mp3{/mmp3}
 song of welcome:  Mave (2Mo){mmp3}02_mave.mp3{/mmp3}
Puna Reo song: Puna Reo E (2,5Mo){mmp3}04_puna_reo_e.mp3{/mmp3}
Traditionnal  song of Pihaena : Hehe (1,5Mo){mmp3}08_hehe.mp3{/mmp3}
Marquesan Haka of the wild pigs: Puaka (1,5Mo){mmp3}17_puaka.mp3{/mmp3}
Maurice Rurua composition: Haamauraa Tihi Puna Reo (3Mo){mmp3}12_ma_te_puai.mp3{/mmp3}


The files are in MP3 format. Depending on computer setup, you can listen them directly by clicking on the links, or download them using right-click(PC), control-click(MAC) and then 'save as…'

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