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The banquet of the vice-president

(Voir les photos)Le Vice Président signant le livre d'or

 The vice-President signing the guest book:

During his visit at the Puna Reo,the   vice-president     of the country Jacqui Drollet has appreciated our center and the traditional meal that was offered to him , to his collaborators Dany Panero ,Marie Laure Vanizette ,Marc Fremy and  to all others who were attending the visit.

The vice-president , came to Moorea to examine the tourist projects  like the golf of Temae ,the guesthouse of the family Temanoha and the  luxurious hotel villas  Legend Resorts .He then stopped at the Puna Reo to see what had been carried out there.Although the kids were not there because of the school schedules ,he was able to appreciate the work that was done and to thank the team that was there.

He claim in the front of the press that  there was a narrow link between tourism and culture,indeed  the warm welcome and the polynesian kindness are values that belong to the traditions.Those values have to be kept alive and the Puna Reo play a vital role  towards the kids who are enrolled in its center…

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