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Mourning time for Puna Reo

papa_matarau.jpgA great soul of the Maohi World, Papa Matarau, great orator of French Polynesia and Puna Reo mentor, left us on the night of Friday the 3rd of October 2008.

A very moving moment, when we presented our prayers, our respect to this great orator, and when we testified to his family of how truly Papa Matarau, over the years, have been giving to kids and members of the Puna Reo

On Sunday, we went for a last enconter, in a symbolic place, the octogonal temple of Papetoai, first christian church of the pacific, built on top of a very old and important marae, where used to live the sacred octopus, leader of peace and unity.Dernier Hommage

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