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Présentation of the movie to the town council

The mayor ,Raymon Van Bastoler started the town council with the representatives of the association Puna Reo Piha’e’ina who came to present the outcome of our trip in New Zealand trough a movie. The movie shown in the front of the town council allowed  the elected members to have a better understanding of the  initiative…

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Présentation of our movie to the assembly

The Puna Reo presented  the  movie about its   New-Zealand trip ,inside one of the Assembly rooms ,with the presence of Jean Marius RAAPOTO,president of the education territorial committee and some representatives of the educational and cultural sectors.   The reception of the documentary was very favourable ,a lot of emotions was felt about our maori…

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Nice end for the holiday camp 2011

  After one full  month ,the holiday center ended in a magnificent     way. Last friday,in the enchanting surrounding  of the Marae Pererau , the kids and some parents experienced the research of the polynesian ancestors  trough some explanations and archaelogy digs. They were having fun in handling the shovel and the brush in order to…

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travel report and societal questioonning

{jcomments on}PDF : 2011 New Zealand journey and societal questionning

Puna Reo visited New Zealand, and lived there a strong cultural experience. This travel took place at the invitation of Papa Ariki Morehu, rangatira of Te Arawa tribe, in Rotorua region, of over 50,000 Maori.  Dozens of kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and universities contributed for us to live extraordinary moments, and we met some of their administrative and cultural leaders.

The Puna Reo was shown a vibrant Maori culture, respectful of its past, rooted in modernity, with societal projects, social and economic achievements, and above all a projection into the future of Maori’s youth leaving the education system with the tools to face the modern world and the desire to be actors and drivers of their New Zealand Society.

This report presents this experience, resulting identity issues, and witnesses a successful Maori education, as well as their offering to us of their pedagogical tools and know-how. Will we know how to accept those gifts ?

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The educational aproach through the culture

The Puna Reo association suggest an educational approach through the culture and particularly with the marae.The concerned structure is the marae Ofai Tama.The marae have to be considered as a learning object desecrated and demystified ,so that the kids conceptualize the structure like a crucial element of their ancestral patrimony. This educational project will be…

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Paxson Offield: a generous benefactor

Puna Reo really wants to thanks greatly Paxson Offield and his family, who after a little hike with Dom, handed a $5 000 check to support the our little Moorea association. Those funds will be used to get a tank and a booster pump, no more water shortage, every kid will have his shower !…

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Slojo / YAG – Welcome and thanks

 Thank you to YAG and Slojo for  their help and their effort to  help us and to offer us some kitchen materials .Thank you as well  to  the linguists Maria Polinsky from the University of Harvard and Eric Potsdam from the University of Floride       for offering us some computers ! (See the pictures )

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