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The educational aproach through the culture

Archeologist Paul Niva in front of Ofai Tama Marae

The Puna Reo association suggest an educational approach through the culture and particularly with the marae.The concerned structure is the marae Ofai Tama.The marae have to be considered as a learning object desecrated and demystified ,so that the kids conceptualize the structure like a crucial element of their ancestral patrimony.

This educational project will be led in colaboration with four school institutions of the island of Moorea:the nursery school ,the primary school ,the junior high school of Paopao and the high school of Opunohu.

The Puna Reo association suggest to confront the educational practice with the technical part through a cultural project,offering a framework for the micro-projects that will be done by taking account of the school level of the kids.

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