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Our friends from Aotearoa came to visit us

After travelling to Aotearoa last year,it was our turn to receive our guest! Thierry KOUMOETINI and the group TAKITOA prepared a welcoming ceremony at the Faaa airport.Our Maori firends stayed in the house of the family RURUA .After that,they went to Moorea to visit the Puna Reo.The children and the parents received them and organised…

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Présentation of the movie to the town council

The mayor ,Raymon Van Bastoler started the town council with the representatives of the association Puna Reo Piha’e’ina who came to present the outcome of our trip in New Zealand trough a movie. The movie shown in the front of the town council allowed  the elected members to have a better understanding of the  initiative…

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A poem for Hepa

  Haruru otu’i mai nei te reo tavevovevo e: Résonne lourdement un echo : A thunderid voice echoes heavily Ua mate… Ua mate… Ua mate… Il nous a quitté, quitté, quitté… He’s gone, gone, gone…. Ua mate teie Tamaiti ! Ua mate teie Mootua! Ua mate teie Hoa iti ! Ua mate teie ‘Aito iti…

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Trip to Aotearoa

First objectives: _Discovery of the Maori ways and customs in Aotearoa _Exchange and sharing of our cultures _Experience the life of Maori families in a traditional way _Tourism and leasures _Cultural ,geographical enrichment    Second objecives: _To understand that the aims of the association go together with those aims from the Kohanga Reo of the…

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The artworks of Pitore  are travelling around the world and now,he is carving the tiki of the Puna Reo in harmony with the  legends of the land.Thank you to this artist!

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Donation of computers

 Many people have been helping us since the beginning of the Puna Reo…The list is long,and we really want to thank everybody…Today again ,two computers was brought to us by Gré,he will make the children happy…    

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2006, the year of the internet

For the previous year 2006, we would like to thank Mana, ,who offered to the Puna Reo its  access to the internet and the space needed for its website, .The internet has allowed the kids to visit the Puna Reo website,to learn new things from  the outside world ,to make their experiences known and…

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